Westcoast Food Tour

In January, Ryan and I met a guy at the Cayman Cookout and in short- he’s now here on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific North West as he’s never been here before. ??We met Dave in Seattle and went directly to a restaurant in Kirkland, WA called Cafe Juanita. The chef, Holly Smith, competed (and won) in the Iron Chef American competition. ??Now the restaurant itself was originally a house converted into a restaurant and has been around for 30+ years. ??The restaurant was located in a retirement community. ??I thought this sign was funny.??
We then took a ferry from Anacortes (near Bellingham) to Victoria to have dinner at Sooke Harbour House which specializes in slow food. ??Dinner took about an hour longer than we wanted to. ??The view was and will always be stunning to say the least. ??We also caught a glimpse of an otter with two baby otters on the lawn next to the restaurant. Apparently they come drink from the fountain all the time. ??We saw a killer whale too on our ferry ride from Anacortes to Victoria. Good sightings for a first-timer trip!
We got back to Vancouver today and stopped off at Granville Island for a snack. ??This meat platter was from Oyama Sausage Co. You pay $20-$50(2-6 people) for a freshly made platter of their sliced meats and cheeses. ??We opted for a pure meat platter by special request.??
More food adventures to come!


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