I am in Montreal for a school conference and am spending a few extra days here in addition. During the conference I think I spent about 1 hour max outside. The remainder was at Concordia’s John-Molson School of Business. ??The school itself is pretty new and very nice. There are a few campuses scattered all over Montreal.
Ryan and I eating outside during one of my lunch breaks. I love patio dining.

This morning, my old prof Bob met up with Ryan and I and took us to Atwater Market. ??Beautiful herbs, nurseries, fruits, maple syrup, meats, cheeses and baked goods were displayed throughout the space. ??Croissants were going off the shelves by the dozen and Bob had this great bowl of cafe au lait. I should have taken a picture. ??I absolutely love visiting markets when I’m out of town and so here are some photos which of course, will do the experience of being there no justice at all.

??After parting ways with Bob, Ryan and I went to check out the Montreal Beer Festival showcasing over 300 beers. ??You pay $20 for a souvenir mug and some tickets, and off you go! The place was packed with university students. ??Ryan had beer and I, of course, went for the food.


We’ve had fries a couple of times here and they are quite notable. ??I can’t describe it but it’s got the consistency of mashed potatoes when you bite in to them. ??They are definitely not kennebec potatoes or ones that I’m normally used to in Vancouver. ??When I ordered my poutine at the beer fest today, I saw the guy scoop a pound of some white solid fat in to the deep fryer to re-fill it. ??I suspect it’s either lard or duck fat. I wish I didn’t see it.??


After a few rain showers and some more beers, we retreated back to our hotel lounge. ??I found this amusing. For you Seinfeld lovers, I found the Maestro.


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