Till we meet again Tofino


Wade and Amanda joined us for the last three nights in Tofino. ??We brought them through the rainforest in Pacific Rim National park called Schooner Cove, took them out for fish and chips and took them around the area we have come to love. ??It’s nice being able to share the experience with friends and family. ??We hope we can bring more to this place in the near future. ??

If you’re reading this James & Janice, they have beautiful sunsets here, it’s worth a visit ;)??
Here’s Wade, Amanda and Mazabelle perched on a little cliff by our hotel.



Oh and here are some star fish!??

They’re not so glamorous looking all goopy are they? ??Those mud covered things with holes in them are sea anemones. ??Sea creatures look so much nicer in water. ??My favourite part about the beaches and low tide is scouring the rocks for marine life. ??It’s fascinating to see, what appears to be nothing but rocks??at first glance. Upon closer inspection you realize it’s a plethora of marine life. I didn’t find a sea urchin this time which was disappointing so I’ll just have to return again to find one. ??The low tide areas were littered with starfish clinging to rocks and sea upon sea of mussels. Last time I was here I also stumbled upon this peculiar shell of some sea creature on the beach. ??If anyone can figure out what it is, let me know because I am stumped. It looks like a really mature sea urchin, but I’m not sure if the shell gets that thick and shell like? The one’s I’m used to look so small and pliable. Perhaps this one lived a good long life on this secluded beach. ??This of course leads me to ponder lightly: “Does living on a secluded beach mean you may very well live a fruitful and long life?” That sure sounds good…



And finally, two great feats were accomplished this weekend. ??We finally finished that damned 1000 piece puzzle and Ryan cooked something: Jiffy Pop! ??The scene in the puzzle is where I want to be right now. ??


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