I love Tofino

Photos do not do this piece of paradise justice. ??We are staying at Long Beach Lodge Resort in a cottage for 5 nights and have been having a wonderful time. ??Even the rain is beautiful. ??There really is nothing more calming than staring out at the ocean from your cozy couch with a hot chocolate in hand. ??Here are a few shots of us at Cox Bay and Chesterman’s Beach.



We went over to Chesterman’s Beach to see the surfers and the two private islands. ??One is called Frank island and can be accessed via foot during low tide over the sandbar. ??There were a couple of houses perched on top of the rocky cliffs. ??Frank island happens to be for sale for those of you itching to own a piece of paradise here.??Frank island for sale, fifty percent of it anyway.


We spent our last 3 afternoons and nights doing a 1000 piece puzzle. ??The most frustrating and rewarding thing you can do. ??Vern tried to help. ??I think the shot of Ryan best epitomizes our experience. ??Needless to say that will probably be the last puzzle we do for a while.


Oh and the food of course: The primary motive for most of our travels. ??Here are some ling cod fish tacos and halibut fish and chips. This is the best fish and chip stand hands down.??Make sure you??visit them:??http://www.wildsidegrill.com/

Eat the photo Ben, eat the photo.


Did I mention the size of the marine life here? ??I will post more photos of the sea urchin, starfish, sea anemone and shellfish later. ??The shoreline was littered with sand dollars which by the way are alive so don’t take them off the beach! ??The shellfish here are so big because of how secluded the area is I suspect. ??This mussel shell here was the size of half my foot. ??Others were easily twice the size and a few hefty pounds.


Ryan’s brother Wade and his girlfriend Amanda came Friday night to join us for the last nights. ??They brought their 100lb rhodesian ridgeback Mazabelle. ??Vern likes to keep her in check and monitors her every move. ??They get along well, she doesn’t seem to mind his tirade of empty threats and body checks.


One thought on “I love Tofino

  1. Wow. That taco looks fantastic! Lots of gaucamole too. perfect. and the fish and chips! (with a nice side of coleslaw too!) Fabulous. Looks like you found a goldmine of deliciousness. I will have to pop out there this summer for sure.

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