Tour of Vancouver Island!

On Saturday Ryan, Vern (the dog) and I kicked off our 1.5 week long tour of the island. ??We spent 2 nights in Victoria and stayed at the Delta hotel downtown. ??We had brunch at Lady Marmalade, watched the Canucks game at a pub and went to Beacon Hill Park which was beautiful.
Here are some photos of the park with grassy fields of wild flowers, crashing waves and big steep cliffs.??

Upon Ben’s recommendation, we stood in line for brunch at Blue Fox. Tastiest french toast I’ve ever had. It even beats the one at Loden Hotel in Vancouver. Thank’s Ben!

We spent day 3 heading over to Sooke Harbour House in Sooke. ??On the way we stopped at a historical site:??Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse. ??It’s a national heritage site with forts, guns, cannons and lots of space for deer to roam. ??I won’t do the site any justice so visit the area yourself “Built by the British in 1860, when Vancouver Island was not yet part of Canada, Fisgard’s red brick house and white tower has stood faithfully at the entrance to Esquimalt harbour. Once a beacon for the British Royal Navy’s Pacific Squadron, today Fisgard still marks home base for the Royal Canadian Navy.” &??


My favourite signs. These were posted in what used to be the bar on the military base.
Here is the lighthouse!
After Fort Rodd and Fisgard lighthouse, we settled in to our room at Sooke Harbour House. ??It’s a beautiful inn with world renowned food. ??Each room is also decorated with local art and boast calming views of the water. ??Here’s the view from our room.
The reason for my visit was to have dinner at the infamous restaurant. ??There is a herb and edible flower garden with over 200 edible plants directly outside the house. ??The restaurant is known to cultivate all of its products from the nearby ocean, pastures and it’s own garden. The flowers in the photos behind us are all edible, including the tulips! ??They were all featured on our 4 course meal.




??The Sooke House also thoughtfully provides hats and rain gear should you forget your straw hat and gumboots at home.



One thought on “Tour of Vancouver Island!

  1. Great photos!That lighthouse looks very cool. It’s ironic that I’ve been to Victoria 50+ times and yet have never been out that way.

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