Tour of Vancouver Island…

Now why travel all over the world when you have this big beautiful backyard to explore, right?  The only place I have been to on the island is Tofino and I love it dearly. You have a big open and expanse beach with crashing waves and mist. I consider it paradise in BC. If I were asked where my ‘best meal in BC’ was, it would be at the Long Beach Lodge Restaurant hands down.  Simple, clean and very fresh.  Their restaurant is also situated on the beach in this gigantic comfortable space called “The Great Room”.  The photos don’t do them justice but will give you a glimpse of my experience.  I went last year in April and fell in love with it so much came back again in October. 


They have wonderful cheeses from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Moonstruck Organic Cheeses from Salt Spring Island and amazing fig paste. The seafood comes from a fisherman who lives a few miles away.  While I was there spot prawns were in season.  They were so good that I drove to the fishermans house to get a few pounds to take home.  They also had these amazing outlandish oysters from Quadra Island.

Anyways, on to my tour.  This is the tentative itinerary. PLUS we are going to be travelling with the dog so this has made planning a little more difficult as pet-friendly places are a little harder to find (but not much harder, there’s alot of places to choose from).
Sunday: Ferry to Victoria, one night in Victoria
Check out the tree course adventure where you’re strung up high in the trees and attempt to tightwalk across


Monday: Drive to Sooke and one night at the infamous Sooke Harbour House .  They’ve got accolades for their beautiful boutique hotel and food.

Tuesday: Ferry to Salt Spring Island for 3 nights at Bullock Lake Farm. 
I’ve rented a cottage on a 23 acre sheep and goat farm.  It’s got beautiful meadows, pastures and a lake with a canoe! The dog will be running free and hopefully not trying to herd the sheep.  
Visit Moonstruck Cheese Co. and get some of their amazing Savoury Moon Brie and Ash-Ripened Camembert

Wednesday: Tour Saltspring island and surrounding islands

Thursday: Count sheep?


Friday: Drive to Tofino and 2 nights at the Long Beach Lodge!!! I’ve rented a cottage this time since it will be 4 people. The cottage is a little more spacious (1000sqft) than their regular beachfront rooms which are 300 sqft.  The one great thing about the beachfront rooms however is that you can open your sliding door and you are right on the beach with your dog. Here are some photos from their website!  They have weekly specials on their website and rooms include complimentary continental breakfast every morning.  They make a great organic vanilla bean yogurt.


Suggestions are welcome!!!!

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