I love long weekends

To sum up my weekend
I had some friends and family over for Easter dinner Friday. I decided to make Martha Stewart’s lemon meringue cake with lemon curd from scratch, one of my favourites. Here’s Ryan doing the fun part of cake decorating.


Here is my lovely bouquet of tulips. They’ve bloomed nicely! Oh and that’s a donut in the basket. We drove to deep cove to get honey donuts which was featured on Vancouver Magazine’s top 100 list. I have since subscribed to the magazine.


We went to Abbotsford for Easter dinner with Ryan’s family and Sunday morning I did my obligatory run with running room. Mostly motivated to run off all the turkey and donuts from the day before.

Here’s my cup of oatmeal on my way to Running Room.


And my supportive boyfriend who drove me over the bridge to get there on time. He’s part of the May Hen fan club. Membership consists of him and the dog.


My awesome running tights and Asics Kayano’s


Made it! And I got to eat my oatmeal.


I swear Garmin gets better and better. Look at these charts!!!! On Sundays we run our long sloooow steady runs to build mileage and increase the capillary network in our bodies. The purpose isn’t to run fast rather run longer so that your body gets used to the distance. It also pushes further away that dreaded ‘wall’ that marathoners hit at around 32km.


2 thoughts on “I love long weekends

  1. Hey May … does your running watch count calories? I am looking for a sport watch but can’t decide which one to get. I also just picked up a body bugg … can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Yes it does count calories. The watch is easy to use too because it has a scroll screen around the edge like an ipod. The watch syncs wirelessly to your computer and loads your data into a nice looking chart so you can monitor your progress. I recommend getting the one model after mine which is the newest "Garmin Forerunner 405CX." Ryan got mine from the running room.

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