Any runners out there?

Sunday kicked off my 16 week clinic with running room. I’m doing a half marathon clinic in hopes to complete in under 2:15 (2 hours and 15 minutes). And of course the end goal would be to complete a marathon which is 42.2km. Last year I did the same clinic and 6 weeks in to training I did the BMO half in 2:27. My goal last year was to finish and I was training with the 2:30 pace group. It was amazing to see how I went from little to no running experience to a full blown half.

This year I don’t expect to be ready in 6 weeks but just might try signing up just to complete it half-way through my clinic to see my progress. Ryan came out to run with me to support his girlfriend (aww). It was sweet of him. He also bought me a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch last year for my birthday. It’s one of the smartest watches you could ever own! It tells me my race pace, gives me a virtual partner to race against, tells my my heart rate and will even guide me back home if I get lost with a picture compass. I have owned it for almost a year and I am still discovering wonderful new applications and features. Highly reccommended for the ‘serious’ runner…haha


Here’s the link to the run we did tonight after eating our bacon cheeseburger pizzas from megabite. Garmin has an excellent website where you upload the data wirelessly from your watch to your computer. It measures everything from elevation to pace to cadence(number of steps per minute).



Pretty damn cool huh? Especially for the obsessive compulsive statistician….


And this is the end-goal of course is another half-marathon (in 2:15 this year)
I printed it out and taped it on my office door to remind me that it is indeed possible…


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