Good Morning Vancouver

Ryan hasn’t woken up yet…I’ll let him sleep in. After all, he does have a tough 5 meter commmute from the bedroom to the ‘office’ our second bedroom.


I like Monday’s when I don’t have to work. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop my internal clock from continuing to wake up at un-godly hours. 

We’ve re-positioned our couch to face the window and it’s working out nicely. Here’s the view. Best viewed in the early morning hours, at dusk and in the evenings.


Our swimming pool is directly above the Vancity Theatre. I wonder if moviegoers know that?


One thought on “Good Morning Vancouver

  1. I think I see my building from your place! I’m the rightmost building in your first picture. Although I could be mistaken, they all do start to look the same after a while

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